P— Practice

            Catherine Nippe is a London-based, Swiss/ German graphic designer who has been running her own practice since 2006. With a focus on editorial design and identity design, many of her projects sit within the fields of fashion, design, art and architecture. As a result of 12 years working practice, Catherine can provide proficiency and knowledge of artwork production and fabrication, from initial design concepts, to design development of design stages, to typesetting, through to press passing.

I have designed books, catalogues and visual identities, reliant not on trends, but on timelessness and quality of design.

My understanding of graphic design is driven by the love for composition, layout and most importantly typography. My work aspires to be seductive yet informative, without being literal.

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            In addition to her work as a practitioner Catherine teaches at Ravensbourne University. Between 2006—2017 Catherine was a visiting lecturer at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in Typography – she has been invited to hold talks, workshops and lectures at various UK universities.

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